RunMC is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham



RunMC current version 4.2 (October 2007)

RunMC is an object-oriented analysis framework to simulate events produced in high-energy collisions using Monte Carlo models. The core of this program is written in C/C++ using ROOT and CLHEP libraries, while a JAVA-based GUI provides front-end for managing event generation. The RunMC program can also be used together with the HZTOOL calculations to obtain Monte Carlo predictions for current and future experiments (HERA, LEP, ILC, Tevatron etc.). Fast detector simulations for the ILC and LHC experiments, based on the SIMDET and ATLFast++ packages, can be used to study the detector response.

RunMC can run the following FORTRAN Monte Carlo models: PYTHIA, HERWIG, ARIADNE, LEPTO, AROMA, CASCADE, RAPGAP, PHOJET . See contributions for details. A short description of RunMC is available here. For more details, see RunMC documentation.

RunMC is a highly modular and flexible tool: physics calculations can be loaded to RunMC as easy as a document can be opened in the Microsoft Word program. See external RMC modules.

RunMC is a standalone desktop application. It can be installed on the Linux and Windows/Cygwin platforms.

Send comments and bug reports to the author S.V.Chekanov (ANL).